Guide About Sliding Glass Doors for Homeowners

Guide About Sliding Glass Doors for Homeowners

Guide About Sliding Glass Doors for Homeowners

In subtropical areas across the US, people are fond of having patios in their homes to enjoy the warmth of the weather that many long for in the extreme hot and cold states. But this does not end with having just the patio, it needs to have a proper door and furniture to complete the experience. As for the patio doors, there is a craze of sliding glass doors in both homeowners and contractors. They are said to be durable and aesthetically enhanced to give a distinct look to the outdoors of your house.

A sliding glass door is essentially a framed piece of glass that acts as a door by allowing movement across it with the help of a sliding mechanism. The moving part glides in and out of the railing to open or close the “door”.

There are certain benefits of having a sliding glass door for the patio instead of going for a French door.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors Installation

Here are some of them to help you make the decision;

  1.  You can easily get the outdoors in with sliding glass doors because they have narrow solid bezels and the bulk of the door is glass. This allows great views and the sense of being free.
  2. Sliding glass doors do not need swing space so you can move about your place in an effortless manner.
  3. Contemporary suburbs can be easily complemented aesthetically by installing a sliding glass door. It gives a contemporary and classic look at the same time.
  4. Thick glass on the sliding doors acts as an insulator by keeping the cold air inside. This directly affects the inner atmosphere and the utility bills.
  5. You can enhance door security through locks for sliding glass doors for both child and pet protection.

How To Find The Best Sliding Glass Door?

All great things aside, having a glass sliding door in your house could be a big architectural step. You need to be sure about it before moving in this direction. When you are going through different aspects of glass sliding doors, here are some key things to keep in mind;

  1. You can expand the current patio door opening because the sliding glass door does not need swing space.
  2. The state of continuous look after and maintenance of glass doors.
  3. Thermal efficiency of your house with respect to changing weather conditions
  4. The interior decor of your house.

When you are affirmative in your decision and you have given ample thought to other aspects of going “sliding glass door”, it is time to choose the perfect material for the frame.


They are known for being durable and require little to no maintenance, except the normal cleaning regimen to look pristine. Both homeowners and contractors go for its characteristic energy efficiency and blending looks, thus making it one of the best sliding glass doors material on the market.


If you are revamping the structure of your house and add a cosmetic touch without compromising the former, then having aluminum exterior sliding glass doors can give a definite bump to your home. You can make a wall of windows because of the strength and sturdiness of the material. This will improve the visuals and bring the outdoors inside.


Vinyl is another premium choice for use as a sliding glass door frame. They are elegant and can go with any type of interior or patio setting. It is ideal for tight spaces where you cannot have much wiggle room to adjust furniture according to the door specifications. It is an affordable option and virtually maintenance-free, which means you can install it and then forget that there is even a door.


Wood is a classic option but still considered to be an acquired taste in the world of glass sliding doors. It can be a costly option because of the treatment against mold and dew, as well as continuous maintenance. Nonetheless, it is easy to match the interior and exterior of your setting through staining.


For a majority of consumers, the pricing of a certain good or service influences their willingness to move on with their decision. Sliding glass doors is obviously not a novelty anymore but still, it is a monetary affair and you need to have a clear picture about what it will cost you in both installation and replacement cases.

Again, sliding glass doors may seem expensive but they are affordable than their counterpart, i-e., French Door.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Sliding Glass Door?

In terms of measurements, sliding doors come in six feet and eight feet variants. The pair of glass panels that go inside the frame can cost around $300 for standard glass. When you move on to the pre-hung options for ease of installation and no-hassle, the cost for sliding glass doors runs between $,1000 to $3,000.

This average also varies based on the material and measurements of your sliding door along with the fee you have agreed upon with the professional technician.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Sliding Glass Door?

Apparently, it costs more to replace an old door or broken glass sliding door with a new one. It is because it takes more time and labor to remove the older unit, preparing the hole for the new door, and then installing the new door in the place.

It takes two people to handle hefty frames and securely move the glass panels around. This adds to the original cost of installation that a consumer has to pay for having a sliding glass door.

If there is no structural alteration and the door is pre-hung, then you can expect a cut in cost because it will not take more time than necessary.

Sliding glass door panels are extremely popular and can add to the aesthetics and utility of your house. This guide will help you in all the things related to choosing the material and the cost of installing and replacing the hardware.

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